Our Values and Process

Lighthouse Wealth operates according to the Fiduciary Standard, ALWAYS acting in the best interest of our clients.

Our core values include:


Our team strives to make sure you comprehend your financial situation.  You need to realize the risks, opportunities, and decisions that are affecting your financial goals.


We are clear on all costs, fees, and conflicts of interest associated with our investments and planning.  Lighthouse Wealth does not earn commissions on securities products.

Team Mentality

Multiple advisors collaborate to understand, strategize, implement, and monitor each unique financial plan.


Actions have consequences.  Our team will help you manage expectations, tendencies, and habits around your financial goals.


At Lighthouse Wealth, we understand your time is important.  Life tends to get busy at times and your finances may not be a top priority on your mind.  Even if you do not have time for a formal meeting, we will be working behind the scenes and communicating the actions that need to be taken to achieve the best financial results.

Our Process

At Lighthouse Wealth, we start our process by learning more about you and your finances. We explain our investment and planning strategies, including any costs/fees, and disclosing any potential conflicts.

Next, we discuss different goals, strategies, and risks associated with your current situation.

The final stage is implementation and on-going monitoring of your financial plan. Financial plans change year to year, month to month, and sometimes week to week. Change is constant, and something that we expect at Lighthouse Wealth Partners.

Monitor Changes

During this step, we will adjust financial goals and strategies as life changes around us


During this step, we will take the first steps towards your financial goals!

Analyze and Personalize

During this step, we will give an evaluation of the current financial picture, identify your financial roadmap and obstacles, and personalize your financial strategy

Understand and Gather Info

During this step, we will identify goals, explain the investment strategy and planning process, and disclose potential conflicts of interest and fees