Our Investment Management

You have worked hard for your wealth, and we want your money working for you as often and efficiently as possible. Therefore, the core of our investment philosophy at Lighthouse Wealth Management is crafted around the ability to compound returns, and ultimately your wealth.  

Our goal is to limit your losses during market pullbacks so that when the markets rally back, you have more money to capture the upside. To achieve this goal, we have made significant investments in our economic and market research team.  

Our group of quantitative analysts review thousands of data points to bring unique and compelling insights into how and why your money is invested. 

Starting from the ground floor, we first evaluate your financial plan and the timeframes associated with achieving your unique goals. Then we evaluate our range of quantitative investment strategies that best align with those targets, as well as your investment style.  

For example, do you believe volatility can remove compounding returns over the full course of a business cycle? If so, we should discuss our volatility targeting strategy, where we seek to keep your investments within a predefined range of ups and downs. Are you worried about the global and domestic economy having an impact on your investments? If so, you will find our global macroeconomic insights to be useful to your decision-making process. Would you like to target risk-adjusted momentum without paying the high fees of an active mutual fund or ETF? If so, our dynamic growth strategies may be a good fit for you. Would you like a combination of the three? We can help with that as well, resulting in a unique and compelling asset management experience. 

If all of that was confusing and you want the simplified version, our dedication to ensuring you are comfortable with what you own can be a helpful guide on your wealth-building journey. 

Overall, our rules-based approach takes the emotion out of investing and fosters an atmosphere of quality decision-making, even in turbulent times.